The 2013 International Workshop on Big Data Computing (BDC-13)

Sorrento Peninsula, Italy, 18-21 December, 2013

“Big Data”, as a new ubiquitous term, is now invading in every aspect of our daily life and promise to revolutionize our life. We face the most challenging issue, i.e., safe and effective computing on a large amount of data. Many works have been carried out focusing on business, application and information processing level from big data. However, the issue of safe and effective computing has not been well addressed.

This workshop offers a timely venue for researchers and industry partners to present and discuss their latest results in safe and effective big data computing. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

– Computational Models for Big Data
– Parallel/Distributed Computing for Big Data
– Energy‐efficient Computing for Big Data
– Software Techniques in Big Data Computing
– Big Social Data Management
– Big Data Computing for Mobile Applications
– Architecture, Storage, User Interfaces for Big Data Management
– Search and Mining in Big Data
– Semantic-­‐based Big Data analysis
– Privacy Preserving of Big Data
– High Performance Cryptography
– Threat and Vulnerability Analysis in Big Data
– Secure Big Data Computing
– Big Data Analytics
– Experiences with Big Data Project Deployments
– Big Data Computing as a Service
– Case Study on Big Data Computing