Citizens of some Countries need to ask for the VISA to enter in Italy. VISA can be obtained at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the Country of residence.

Attenders can find here the Italian Embassy or Consulate nearest to their residence.

To obtain a VISA to enter in Italy, an invitation letter from the General Chair, Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, is needed.

Authors and presenters that need a letter for applying for a VISA, should contact the General Chair via email to request such a letter. The request should include title and authors of the paper for which the VISA is needed. The paper has to be accepted at NSS 2011 or at co-locate events (NSS workshops and ICDKE 2011). Please note that letters of invitation will be issued to authors and registered attendees only.

VISA Offices may need several weeks to process your request. Please, apply for the VISA as earlier as possible so as to allow sufficient time for VISA processing and for getting possible assistance from the General Chair directly with the VISA Office in the case of difficulties.

In some cases the Italian Embassy or Consulate needs also that the General Chair faxes the invitation letter directly to the VISA Office. Please contact the VISA Office at the Italian Embassy or Consulate near your residence to verify which is the current procedure in your Country. Do not hesitate to contact the General Chair for assistance with the VISA Office in case of any problem.

Do not ask for the invitation letter to the conference secretariat or to other organizers since only a letter signed by the Italian General Chair will be considered valid by the Italian Embassies and Consulates. Do not waste your time in contacting other people!