Authors Instructions

Below are the instructions for the final version of your paper. Papers that do not conform to the IEEE style guidelines will not be included in the proceedings and in the IEEE Interactive Electronic Library (IEL) as part of IEEE Xplore. If possible, we suggest that you send the paper before the due deadline to allow us to go over the file and confirm its compliance.

Submission deadline and instructions

The final version of your paper is due on or before July 21, 2011. Your page limit is set by the category your paper has been selected for:

  • full papers: 8 pages;
  • short papers: 5 pages.

The final version of your paper must be formatted according to the IEEE templates available here.

  • For LaTeX users, please use IEEEtran LaTeX class, with conference mode and US letter page size, and IEEEtran bibliography package (please refer to bare_conf.tex template file).
  • For Microsoft Word users, please use US letter template.

Please send to

  1. the IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file of your paper (see IEEE PDF eXpress instructions)
  2. the e-mail showing that the PDF file of your paper is IEEE Xplore-compatible (see IEEE PDF eXpress instructions)
  3. a scanned PDF file of the signed and dated copyright transfer form of your conference/workshop available here:
  4. a text file in ASCII format containing the following information, in this order:
    • title, authors (please clearly distinguish the first name from the last name of each author), and abstract of your paper
    • name of the author who registered to the conference by July 21, 2011 
    • name and email address of a contact author

Papers not received by the due deadline will not be included in the proceedings and in the IEEE Interactive Electronic Library (IEL) as part of IEEE Xplore.

IEEE PDF eXpress instructions

IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to IEEE conferences, allowing their authors to make IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs (Conversion function) or to check PDFs that authors have made themselves for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF Check function).

To generate the IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file of your paper from the source files or to check the IEEE Xplore compatibility of your PDF file, follow these steps:

  1. Login to PDF express using, as conference ID:
    • nss11x for NSS 2011;
    • icdke11x for ICDKE 2011;
    • css11wkx for CSS 2011;
    • iwssc11wkx for IWSSC 2011;
    • mosn11wkx for MOSN 2011;
    • stast11wkx for STAST 2011;
    • bfscs11wkx for BFSCS 2011.
  2. The first time you access the system, please follow the link to New user. Please note that to access the service, you need to allow the use of cookies from the PDF eXpress web site.
  3. For each conference paper, click Create New Title.
  4. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required)
  5. Click Submit PDF for Checking or Submit Source Files for Conversion
  6. Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click Upload File. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload
  7. You will receive an email with your Checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF for Checking, the email will show if your file passed or failed.

The IEEE PDF eXpress service for the conferences/workshops will be available from July 10, 2011.

Registration to the conference

At least one author of each accepted paper must register to ensure that the paper is included in the conference proceedings. This registration must be received by July 21, 2011. If the registration is not received by this date, the paper will not be included in the conference proceedings and in the IEEE Interactive Electronic Library (IEL) as part of IEEE Xplore.