Accepted Papers Instructions

All accepted papers should be in the format described below. Any format problem may cause your paper excluded in the conference proceedings. If we do not receive your registration by August 15, 2011, your papers will be removed. 

Each main conference regular paper can have 12 pages plus 2 extra pages maximum with additional payment. Each main conference short paper can have 10 pages plus 2 extra pages maximum with additional payment. Each workshop paper can have 10 pages plus 2 extra pages maximum with additional payment. Authors can pay AUD$50 per page for extra pages, with no more than two extra pages. The copyright form must be scanned in PDF format and uploaded together with the camera-ready paper to the system. When you fill in the copyright form, please include the following as the conference proceedings editors: Yang Xiang, Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Michael Hobbs and Wanlei Zhou.

Please carefully read the Information for LNCS Authors page before you prepare the camera-ready papers. This page contains the guidelines and the copyright form. The link is at

Uploading The Camera-Ready Package

Please upload your final camera-ready package in .zip format through the ICA3PP 2011 submission system before August 5, 2011. Please note this is different from the registration deadline. This deadline is hard deadline. The login name and password are the same as the ones when you submit your initial papers. Please login as “proceedings author” and follow the “Papers” menu. Then you will see your paper ID menu. Please use “Update this paper” menu on the up right side. If you are the invited paper author or workshop paper authors, please follow the “Invited Paper” menu.

  • the DVI file (for papers prepared using LateX or TeX)
  • the final PDF file
  • the scanned copyright form in PDF
  • the file name should be “conference/workshop acronym-PaperID-corresponding author’s surname”. For example, “ICA3PP-134-Smiths.pdf”.

Authors of registered papers, at least one of them or their representitive/s, are requested to present their work at the conference, otherwise their papers will be removed from the digital library after the conference.

ICA3PP 2011 accepted papers:
Regular papers:


  • [42] Hongjuan Li, Keqiu Li, Wenyu Qu and Ivan Stojmenovic. Secure and Energy-Efficient Data Aggregation with Malicious Aggregator Identification in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • [19] Ali Jannesari, Markus Westphal and Walter Tichy. Dynamic Data Race Detection for Correlated Variables
  • [49] Werner Backes and Susanne Wetzel. Improving the Parallel Schnorr-Euchner LLL Algorithm
  • [83] Alfredo Cuzzocrea and Carson K. Leung. Distributed Mining of Constrained Frequent Sets from Uncertain Data
  • [26] Shietung Peng, Yamin Li and Wanming Chu. Set-to-Set Disjoint-Paths Routing in Recursive Dual-Net
  • [68] Justin Seyster, Prabakar Radhakrishnan, Samriti Katoch, Abhinav Duggal, Scott Stoller and Erez Zadok. Redflag: A Framework for Analysis of Kernel-Level Concurrency
  • [70] Tsung-Hsi Weng, Yi-Ting Wang and Chung-Ping Chung. Exploiting Parallelism in the H.264 Deblocking Filter by Operation Reordering
  • [51] Tzong-Yen Lin, Cheng-Yu Lee, Chia-Jung Chen and Rong-Guey Chang. Compiler Support for Concurrency Synchronization
  • [80] Thuy Duong Dinh and Keiichi Kaneko. Fault-tolerant Routing based on Approximate Directed Routable Probabilities for Hypercubes
  • [28] Yamin Li, Shietung Peng and Wanmin Chu. Finding a Hamiltonian Cycle in Hierarchical Dual-Net with Base Network of p-Ary q-Cube
  • [38] Muhammad Atif and Peter Strazdins. Adaptive resource remapping through live migration of virtual machines
  • [48] Daniel Nicacio, Alexandro Baldassin and Guido Araujo. LUTS: A Lightweight User-Level Transaction Scheduler
  • [61] Ladjel Bellatreche, Ahmad Ghazal, Alain Crolotte and Alfredo Cuzzocrea. Verification of Partitioning & Allocation Techniques on Teradata DBMS
  • [73] Daniel Molka, Robert Schoene, Daniel Hackenberg and Matthias Mueller. Memory Performance and SPEC OpenMP Scalability on Quad-Socket x86_64 Systems
  • [13] Ming Zheng and Jianping Wu. Anonymous Communication over Invisible Mix Rings
  • [55] Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Biao Song and Eui-Nam Huh. Game-based distributed resource allocation in horizontal dynamic cloud federation platform
  • [60] Yuzhang Han, Peter Brezany and Andrzej Goscinski. Stream Management within the CloudMiner
  • [69] Udaya Tupakula, Vijay Varadharajan and Abhishek Abhishek Bichhawat. Security Architecture for Virtual Machines
  • [17] Dariusz Mrozek and Bozena Malysiak. Efficient Alignment of Biopolymer Sequences with GPU and CUDA Technology
  • [37] Tyler Crain, Damien Imbs and Michel Raynal. Read invisibility, virtual world consistency and probabilistic permissiveness are compatible
  • [39] Jaime Cohen, Luiz A. Rodrigues, Fabiano Silva, Renato Carmo, Andre L. P. Guedes and Elias P. Duarte Jr.. Parallel Implementations of Gusfield’s Cut Tree Algorithm
  • [59] Sameh Samra, Ahmed El-Mahdy, Walid Gomaa, Yasutaka Wada and Amin Shoukry. Efficient Parallel Implementations of Controlled Optimization of Traffic Phases
  • [18] He-Jhan Jiang, Kuo-Chan Huang, Hsi-Ya Chang, Di-Syuan Gu and Po-Jen Shih. Scheduling Concurrent Workflows in HPC Cloud Through Exploiting Schedule Gaps
  • [58] Yue Zhao, Xu Chen, Chiu Wing Sham, Wai M. Tam and Francis C.M. Lau. Efficient Decoding of QC-LDPC Codes Using GPUs


Short papers:

  • [7] Mohammed Ziaur Rahman. A Combined Arithmetic Logic Unit and Memory Element for the Design of a Parallel Computer
  • [11] Elahe Khorasani, Brent Paulovicks, Vadim Sheinin and Hangu Yeo. Parallel Implementation of External Sort and Join Operations on a Multi-Core Network-Optimized System on a Chip
  • [12] Fernando Miguel Carvalho and Joao Cachopo. STM with transparent API considered harmful
  • [44] Diganta Goswami and Soumyadip Majumder. A Global Snapshot Collection Algorithm with Concurrent Initiators with Non-FIFO Channel
  • [50] Wanderson Roger Azevedo Dias, Edward David Moreno and Raimundo Da Silva Barreto. An Approach for Code Compression in Run Time for Embedded Systems – A Preliminary Results
  • [65] Md. Golam Kaosar, Russell Paulet and Xun Yi. Optimized two Party Privacy Preserving Association Rule Mining using Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • [36] Saurabh Kumar Garg and Rajkumar Buyya. SLA-based Resource Provisioning for Heterogeneous Workloads in a Virtualized Cloud Datacenter
  • [53] Thierry Goubier, Renaud Sirdey, Stephane Louise and Vincent David. ��C: A Programming Model and Language for Embedded Manycores
  • [74] William Voorsluys, Saurabh Garg and Rajkumar Buyya. Provisioning Spot Market Cloud Resources to Create Cost-effective Virtual Clusters
  • [33] Jost Berthold, Jonas Bardino and Brian Vinter. A Principled Approach to Grid Middleware – Status Report on the Minimum intrusion Grid –
  • [57] Mohsen Amini Salehi, Bahman Javadi and Rajkumar Buyya. Performance Analysis of Preemption-aware Scheduling in Multi-Cluster Grid Environments
  • [79] Izzatdin Abdul Aziz, Andrzej Goscinski and Michael Hobbs. Performance Evaluation of Open Source Seismic Data Processing Packages
  • [22] Masnida Hussin, Young Choon Lee and Albert Y. Zomaya. Reputation-based Resource Allocation in Market-oriented Distributed Systems
  • [25] Wu Liu, Haixin Duan and Xing Li. Cooperation-Based Trust Model and its Application in Network Security Management
  • [32] Kaixi Hou and Ying Zhao. Performance Evaluation of the Three-Dimensional Finite-Difference Time-Domain method on Fermi Architecture GPUs
  • [82] Yini Wang, Sheng Wen, Wei Zhou, Wanlei Zhou and Yang Xiang. The Probability Model of Peer-to-Peer Botnet Propagation
  • [84] Ben Soh. A Parallelism Extended Approach for the Enumeration of Orthogonal Arrays

ADCN 2011 accepted papers:

  • [34] Ivo Anjo and Joao Cachopo. Lightweight Transactional Arrays for Read-Dominated Workloads
  • [56] Alexandre Solon Nery, Nadia Nedjah, Felipe M.G. Franca and Lech Jozwiak. Massively Parallel Identification of Intersection Points for GPGPU Ray Tracing
  • [72] Asrar Haque and Javed Khan. Cascading Multi-way Bounded Wait Timer Management for Moody and Autonomous Systems
  • [27] Meirong Li and Yinliang Zhao. A Fast Low-Level Interprocedural Analysis for Speculative Multithreading Compilers
  • [52] Mofassir Haque, Krzysztof Pawlikowski, Don Mcnickle and Greg Ewing. World-wide Distributed Multiple Replications in Parallel of Quantitative Sequential Simulation
  • [64] Yongnan Li, Limin Xiao, Guangjun Qin, Xiuqiao Li, Songsong Lei. Comparison of Three Parallel Point-Multiplication Algorithms on Conic Curves
  • [9] Shantanu Sharma and Awadhesh Kumar Singh. Highly Fault Tolerant Democratic Leader to Detect Radioactive Radiation for Sea-water in Japan
  • [21] Shigang Li, Changjun Hu and Qian Cao. Extending Synchronization Constructs in OpenMP to Exploit Pipeline Parallelism on Heterogeneous Multi-Core
  • [63] Peter Paul Beran, Erich Schikuta and Elisabeth Vinek. A Distributed Database and Deployment Optimization Framework in the Cloud
  • [6] Lukas Folkman, Wayne Pullan and Bela Stantic. Generic Parallel Genetic Algorithm Framework for Protein Optimisation
  • [24] Hun-Jung Lim. A Survey on Privacy Problems and Solutions for VANET based on Network Model
  • [45] Jean-Yves Colin and Moustafa Nakechbandi. Scheduling Tasks and Communications on a Two Levels Virtual Hierarchical Distributed System with Message Contention
  • [62] Francis Cabarle, Henry Adorna and Miguel Martinez-del-amor. Spiking Neural P system simulations on a high performance GPU platform
  • [76] Younghee Kim. A Scalable Parallel SPH Implementation for Distributed Computing
  • [14] Noman Javed and Frederic Loulergue. Performance Portability with Orleans Skeleton Library
  • [35] Moussa Taifi, Justin Shi and Abdallah Khreishah. SpotMPI: A Framework for Auction-based HPC Computing Using Amazon Spot Instances
  • [78] Orlando Rivera and Karl Fuerlinger. Parallel Aspects of OpenFOAM with Large Eddy Simulations
  • [81] Fan Gao and Jefferson Tan. Shibboleth and Community Authorization Services: Enabling Role-Based Grid Access
  • [47] Md Abdul Based. A Secure Internet Voting Scheme
  • [85] Wazir Khan. A Hybrid Graphical Password Based System
  • [90] Izuan H. Ninggal. Privacy Threat Analysis of Social Network Data

ICDS 2011 accepted papers:

    • [1] Ilung Pranata, Geoff Skinner and Rukshan Athauda. Distributed Mechanism for Protecting Resources in a Newly Emerged Digital Ecosystem Technology
    • [2] Junghoon Lee, Gyung-Leen Park, Hye-Jin Kim and Cheol Min Kim. Reservation-based charging service for electric vehicles
    • [3]

Junghoon Lee and Ho-Young Kwak. Intelligent ubiquitous sensor network for agricultural and livestock farms

  • [4] Heejung Byun and Jungmin So. Queue-based Adaptive Duty Cycle Control for Wireless Sensor Networks


  • [5] Leandro Sousa and Elias P. Duarte Jr.. Experimental Evaluation of a Failure Detection Service Based on a Gossip Strategy
  • [6] Abdelgadir Tageldin Abdelgadir and Al-Sakib Khan Pathan. On the Performance of MPI-OpenMP on a 12 nodes Multi-core Cluster
  • [7] Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee and Jemal Abawajy. A Protocol for Discovering Content Adaptation Services
  • [8] Harinda Fernando and Jemal Abawajy. Securing RFID Systems from SQLIA
  • [9] Toral-Cruz Homero, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan and Ramirez-Pacheco Julio C.. Modeling QoS Parameters of VoIP Traffic with Multifractal and Markov Models
  • [10] Isredza Rahmi A Hamid and Abawajy Jemal. Hybrid Feature Selection for Phishing Email Detection

HardBio 2011 accepted papers:

  • [10] Heitor S. Lopes, C�sar M. Vargas Ben�tez, Marlon H. Scalabrin and Carlos Erig. Reconfigurable Hardware Computing for Accelerating Protein Folding Simulations using the Harmony Search Algorithm and the 3DHP-Side Chain Model
  • [11] Ahmed Shamsul Arefin, Mario Inostroza-Ponta, Luke Mathieson, Regina Berretta and Pablo Moscato. Clustering Nodes in Large-Scale Biological Networks using External Memory Algorithms
  • [13] Marcos Santana Farias, Nadia Nedjah. Reconfigurable Hardware to Radionuclide Identification using Subtractive Clustering
  • [14] Edgar Garcia Neto Segundo, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle. A Parallel Architecture for DNA Matching

M2A2 2011 accepted papers:

  • Cruz Izu. On the Use of Multiplanes on a 2D Mesh Network-on-Chip
  • Thomas Canhao Xu, Pasi Liljeberg and Hannu Tenhunen. A Minimal Average Accessing Time Scheduler for Multicore Processors
  • Jungho Yoo. Fast Software Implementation of AES-CCM on Multiprocessors
  • Gongxuan Zhang, Zhaomeng Zhu, Pingli Wang and Bin Song. A TCM-Enabled Access Control Scheme
  • Khaled Fathy, H. M. Bahig Ibrahim, Hatem Bahig and A Ragab. Binary Addition Chain on EREW PRAM
  • Eugenio Faldella and Primiano Tucci. A Portable Infrastructure Supporting Global Scheduling of Embedded Real-Time Applications on Asymmetric MPSoCs
  • Carlos Dom�nguez, Jos� Albaladejo, Maria Marco, Houcine Hassan, Alfons Crespo. Emotional Contribution Process Implementations on Parallel Processors
  • Mo �nica Serrano, Julio Sahuquillo, Houcine Hassan, Salvador Petit, Jose � Duato. Cluster Computer Performance Predictor for Memory Scheduling